Emphasis on comfort

Posted on March 18, 2011 by Michael DIjkstra

Anky van Grunsven has been professionally competing in dressage on the world stage for a number of years. Anky has won three Olympic gold medals and has been named the World Cup Dressage Champion eight times. Over the years Anky became more and more displeased with the quality and comfort of horse riding clothing and horse riding products available. One day, with partner and trainer Sjef Janssen, Anky asked - is it possible to develop clothing or blankets that make both the rider and the horse feel more comfortable? 

Research at the University of Enschede in The Netherlands showed that many people in the equestrian world had the need for better products. Anky and Sjef saw this as an opportunity to createhorse riding clothing and horse products they would want to use themselves and so over the next two years ANKY Technical Casuals was developed and finally launched in November 1999.

The Concept

ANKY Technical Casuals developed a complete climate control concept for both rider and horse. This is a revolutionary step for the equestrian world, offering optimal comfort for both the rider and horse. There have been a number of fantastic improvements in the textile industry with advanced materials and fabrics now available. ANKY Technical Casuals utilises these newest and latest materials to provide the perfect balance between comfort and design. It’s interesting to know that a number of the materials used were originally developed for the military (bullet proof vests), space travel (fire proof suits) and the medical world.

ANKY® Technical Casuals offers horse riding clothing and the horse blankets in the newest breathable materials for the best moisture control and protection against all possible weather conditions. Even the saddle and related products are totally suited to, and developed towards optimum comfort and usability.