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 ANKY® continues to enjoy throughout the field of equestrian sports and lifestyle, both at the amateur and professional levels. ANKY® clothing and horse wear fits in perfectly with the needs and requirements during daily training and competitions.

ANKY® provides consumers within in the equestrian field specialised clothes and equipment. Latest product innovations, high tech materials and fashion trends are included. ANKY® has an unmistakable and unique signature. Expertise and experience are the basis for product development. The basis for every clothing collection is the 3-layer concept:


1 Moisture & Body temperature management
  • These fabrics pull moisture away from your body (wick), dry quickly, are breathable and are extremely comfortable on your skin.

2 Insulation management
  • Light weight yet durable fabrics trap warm air pockets and hold them next to the body for greater comfort.

3 Wind & Rain management
  • ANKY® fabrics protects against wind, rain, and other weather conditions without losing their ability to breathe.


Besides the 3-layer concept, several products are treated with the Polygiene finish:

Polygiene: Wear More & Wash Less®

The Polygiene® finish prevents the growth of bacteria. As a result, your clothes will never smell of sweat again. The treatment uses recycled silver chloride, which has an antibacterial effect. This permanent antibacterial textile finish ensures that your clothes always smell fresh. For that reason, there is no need to wash treated clothes after every wear, just wash when they are visibly dirty. This will not only save time, but water and energy as well, which is in turn good for the environment. In addition, it helps you to keep your clothes in excellent condition, as 50% of wear and tear is caused by washing.

Polygiene® is tested by many institutes in Europe, the USA and Japan. The finish is completely safe for your skin and does not interfere with the natural bacteria on your skin.