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Miss Shield- Blue


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Inspired by women classic hats the Miss Shield is equipped with a long visor and a customizable frontal band.

The Miss Shield has been designed on the base of classic Samshield helmets (Shadowmatt and Premium) and has the same technical features:

  • polycarbonate outer shell and variable density polystyrene inner shell providing a better dissipation of the energy

    produced upon impact ;

  • internal comfort ‘’memory’’ foam and semi-rigid chin strap: no risk of tipping the helmet in case of a violent movement ;

  • exceptional ventilation through the front air inlet and the back extractors : the fresh air expels the hot air to the back

    extractors around comfort foam ;

  • 3 shell sizes available which can accommodate 4 to 5 inner foams of different sizes: perfect adjustment to the rider’s head ;

  • removable and washable internal comfort foam ;

  • meets CE VG1 and ASTM/SEI F1163-15 standards.

    The Miss Shield is available in Shadowmatt (matt paint outer shell) and Premium (Alcantara outer shell) versions. This helmet is customizable. You can create a unique version by customizing the frontal band, the top, the blazon and the trim.

Helmet comes with one liner. 

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